With over 10 years of domain expertise, they know electronic music inside out. LEMUR Group is an Austrian-based mu-sic company founded in 2015. It’s a full-service artist management com-pany, a record label group, concert producer and promotion agency spe-cialized in electronic & pop music. Guided by the vision of Kevin Knopp and Lukas Zirker, it combines creativ-ity, in-depth industry knowledge and the excellent feel of ‘What’s up next’. With over 10 years of domain exper-tise, they know electronic music inside out and established their brand with-in the worldwide industry network. LEMUR also operates the renowned international record label AESTHETE as a joined venture with one of the biggest independent playlist curators world-wide. Thanks to their partnership with FUGA, the AESTHETE repertoire is rap-idly growing and achieving place- ments in all markets worldwide. Due to their fast, powerful and unique struc- ture, well known artists like JETFIRE, DJ Soda, Noize Generation among oth-ers, found a new home with AESTHETE. Currently managing a boutique artist roster of 4 projects, they are focusing on international brand development and cross-over networking in the pop and elec-tronic dance music scene. The next level of music is waiting for you! Stay tuned!