Producer & DJ ESH has continuously flour-ished ever since its beginnings in 2015. The Vienna-native first accumulated heavy success after releasing a brilliant future house rendition of Maroon 5’s „This Sum-mer’s Gonna Hurt”. ESH then released a couple of more top-notch remixes for the likes of Galantis and The Chainsmokers. Throughout his career, ESH has honed his signature sound to a tee and his productions undoubtedly prove that. After receiving a vast amount of sup-port over the past year, ESH decided to start challenging himself through his „Weekly Bootleg Challenge“. In to-tal his WBC material achieved over 50m views, pointing out that his remix of “Ni**as in Paris” is leading the way with over 20m views on YouTube alone. After official remixes for HUGEL (“WTF”), DJ Vice (“Bad Love”) and Jas-mine Thompson (“Adore”) ESH released original music on R3HAB’s label CY-B3RPVNK and even industry heavy-weights like Tiesto and Benny Benassi decided to support ESH as one of the rising talents in the bass house scene. His latest release “2U”, a collabora-tion with Constantin came out on Mu-sical Freedom early October. It is part of this year’s ADE sampler, backed with a huge promo campaign during ADE.